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Thrown Overboard: How I Survived Infidelity and Divorce

I had thought that after 23 years of marriage and 28 years together the most difficult years were behind us.

Marriage to me is a journey, like getting on a boat. Your course would not be like anyone else’s. There would be calm water, but there would also be storms. You would have to learn to work together and navigate the ups and downs to survive and enjoy the periods of smooth sailing. Each passing storm made you grow a little stronger because as a collaborative team you have managed to stay afloat.

The crew grew larger when we had children. Our course had changed slightly, but it was for the better. We loved all of the new adventures that the new family dynamic brought.

One day as I stood at the edge of the boat enjoying the view I was blindsided by a two-handed push from behind. The world as I knew it had changed. I found myself gasping for air, barely able to keep my head above water. What the hell had just happened!

The boat and the co-pilot were gone and all I could see was water with no land in sight. The harder I kicked to stay afloat the more I realized I wasn’t going anywhere.

I needed to keep strong for my kids because they were as scared and confused as I was.

I was so blessed to have the unbelievable love and support from my family and friends. It felt as though they were my life jacket that surrounded me, helping me stay afloat.

My emotional support was solid, but I was still treading water. I needed the experts that could help me set new coordinates and guide us through the choppy current. That team of experts was how I got my power back. I began swimming and little-by-little moving towards the shore.

I had a new plan now we were looking for land. It wasn’t my original plan. I didn’t know who or what I would come across, but I was ready to encounter new people and explore different adventures.

Throughout my journey, the boat would come back around just to kick up the current and make things difficult for me. My new course had been set and I wasn’t looking back. My team had given me the knowledge I needed to forge forward.

My life has become better than I ever imagined and I couldn’t be happier. While I couldn’t recognize it at the time, I am thankful for all the lessons divorce has taught me. I am stronger and more confident. I know I can conquer any adversities or challenges that may lie ahead.

As I watched his boat pull away for the final time, a girl by his side, I can’t help but feel relieved. His boat may look shiny and fun, but beyond the smoke and mirrors there is the engine room below deck that’s destined to malfunction.

When the wrong people leave your life the right things start to happen.

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